Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


DNS Relief is a non-profit charitable organization registered in Ottawa, Canada.

It is involved in easing the plight of the poor and homeless who are suffering because of chronic shortages and disease, mainly in Third World countries.

The aims of DNS Relief Fellowship are:

…. to plant the Word of God in the hands and hearts of those who are in spiritual darkness: some have never seen a Bible, or have ever heard the name Jesus.

  • to ease the physical hunger of the undernourished and starving by supplying them with necessary food.
  • to supply shelter for less-fortunate ones who, through no fault of their own, are homeless.
  • to offer medical help to the thousands who have no access to government hospitals or clinics.
  • to share the Gospel message with children and young adults through a free education plan.
  • to teach trades and educational skills and help to make many in poverty-stricken countries self-supporting.
  • to give love and encouragement to those who feel they are unlovable or undeserving.
  • to send immediate aid when an unexpected natural disaster or tragedy strikes an area at home or abroad.