Once again on Jan. 4th the first of two well drilling teams left for Zambia and as usual the unknown lay ahead, but even in those members of the team that were placed there by the Lord it was evident that He was working “all things out for His glory”.  The first team consisted of Steve Vandenbrink, Walter Kropf and Mark Lichty to focus on well drilling along with Brian Anderson and myself to focus on saw milling a huge pile of logs into lumber to be used on a building project up at Sakeji mission school and also for various building projects around Chitokoloki. Steve had been on several previous teams and was able to carry on with well drilling as Brian and I spent the majority of our time milling the logs that had been brought in to Chit and were awaiting our arrival. Brian is a service technician with Wodmizer and his help in servicing the sawmill and in milling the lumber proved to be such a blessing. So for the three weeks they were with us Steve, Walter and Mark were able to drill three wells, each one with its own challenges while Brian and I worked away on the sawmill.  Brian, Walter and Mark had to return home before the end of Jan. and were replaced by a second team consisting of Dave Wagler, Colin Metzger and Roy Horst. They installed the last of the pumps at Chit before moving to Dipalata mission along with Steve and myself to begin drilling the first of four wells up there.  While they worked on the first of the four wells drilled there Steve and I began a building project along with Jeff Speichinger the local missionary, using some of the lumber we had cut for him down at Chit. We also installed a grinding mill for Jeff to make feed for his flock of goats as well as custom grind maze for the local folks, this will be a new ministry opportunity for him to connect with the local people.  We also installed a total of 12 more solar panels to his solar installation to give him 24hr. power along with a solar powered pump to pump water for them from a well we had previously drilled. Dave was also able to use the tractor to clear several acre of land for Jeff to begin a small garden/farming project.
This year also gave many opportunities for sharing the gospel. Each village where a well was drilled had a gospel presentation at the well dedication and there were several requests for bible studies in a couple of the villages. Also each Tues. and Thurs. afternoon 15 to 25 young men as well as one lady a local school teacher came to Jeff’s house for a bible study. These proved to be very special times with great interest and many questions. These sessions would last 2 or 3 hrs. with them often having to walk home in the dark, but no one wanted to leave. We also had opportunity to minister in several of the local assemblies and also out at the Katonto assembly conference about 2 hrs. out in the bush from Dipalata. These are unique opportunities and only eternity will reveal all that was accomplished for the Lord, but we trust He was honoured in and through all these many activities this year. Some of us were able to extend our tickets and so we returned home in there different stages on Mar. 4th, 10th and 17th.
We also were made aware again of the pressing need for wells in these remote villages as on Mar.10th the day Colin and I returned home, a young 14 yr, old girl fom Kabambi village where we had just installed our last pump was taken by a croc and a lady from Manoah village where we had just drilled but did not have the pump installed yet was also badly bitten but managed to escape.  So we pray for health and strength to be able to carry on this very needy work.



Well Drilling – Endoma Village, Zambia

This video clip is of the well dedication at Endoma village near Dipalata mission station in North West Province of Zambia. The only source of water for these people prior to the well being drilled was the McKondo River which is somewhat polluted with Bilharzia a deadly parasite and crocodiles. In fact just a few days before this dedication one of the ladies from the village was taken by one but managed to escape but lost the calf muscle on the back of one leg. So you can understand the excitement of having good clean water and no more trips to the river for drinking water. This also gave us a great opportunity for a gospel message and we also present the village young people with a soccer ball which is also in the colours of the wordless book which we use to present the gospel to the young people and children which is received with much excitement.

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Nudgings December 2016

Distributing to the Needs of Saints Romans 12:13
Sent forth with the hope that someone will feel the nudge to
keep praying, keep trusting & keep going


Haiti has not recovered from the disastrous 2010 earthquake which caused absolute devastation. On October 4, 2016 it experienced the full impact of Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 storm, and as a result 1,600 lives were lost. Some of the poor living in remote mountainous areas have lost everything including crops that were their only source of income. Galatians 2:10 reminds us of the priority of sharing the gospel in word and deed in a time of need. “They desired only that we should remember the poor, the very thing which I also was eager to do.”

Relief efforts have been ongoing in the most difficult to reach places. Tony Jones, from Ontario, has been assisting many from his home base in Grand Goave, Haiti and wrote, “We have been in the mountains just about every day for the last 3 weeks. We are taking up food, Cholera medicine, water treatment additives and tarps and then bringing anyone that is sick down to the hospital. I will begin to purchase animals, seeds for planting, coffee trees, roof sheeting, building supplies, clothes and other essentials that the mountain people need for survival. Last Sunday in one of the areas where I work, we were able to hold our first meeting of the church since the hurricane. I’m also buying bibles and songbooks that were lost during the storm and a horse so some of the Haitians working with me can get around up there.” Updates are posted on the DNS website


The generosity of the saints from Canada is blessing the work among the unreached parts of India where most of the people are branded as ‘Tribals’.

In the summer of 2015 DNS, in association with Chris Samuel Ministries, initiated a well drilling program to provide access to clean drinking water in remote mountain villages. The wells became an opening for the gospel. In August 2016 one particular village saw 8 new believers come forward to testify for the Lord in baptism. An assembly has started to function there for the first time in the history of this area. A children’s program, bible training and regular outreach is still going on to bless this beginning. A young man from this group has dedicated a half acre of his land for the purpose of establishing a new assembly building. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance.nudgings-december-2016_img_1

In the summer of 2016, we drilled another 12 wells in remote mountain villages to bless the people with drinking water. It soon became evident that a few of these villages were hearing the gospel for the first time in their history. We are hoping to see many more assemblies established in these villages through this drinking water project. Please remember our local workers in this outreach as they continue to visit these villages, preaching the gospel, and teaching the new believers.

Sakeji Mission School, Zambia

Sakeji Mission School has a small workshop and Mark Ronald, the school headmaster, uses it to teach industrial arts (“shop”) to students at the school. Douglas Hanna and a brother in Markham have a vision of enlarging the workshop and equipping it with good tools and equipment in order that the students can learn a variety of life skills and develop a Biblical work ethic. The building expansion has begun on the workshop which will house woodworking equipment including a band saw, lathes, a shaper, thickness planer, a jointer, dust collector, compressor, table saws, sanders and assorted hand tools and work benches. Since electrical equipment that is used in Zambia must meet British standards, a table saw, jointer, bobbin sander, and dust collector have been purchased in England and are on their way to Sakeji. Please pray that the Lord will use this equipment to His glory.nudgings-december-2016_img_2

DNS Relief Fellowship was established to help ease the poverty in Third World countries. The name was chosen from Rom.12:13 – Distributing to the Needs of Saints. DNS is governed by a Board of Directors (see ) and is registered as Charitable Organization No.8881- 23573-R0001.

Correspondence and gifts for DNS to be sent to DNS Relief Fellowship. Donation Receipts sent out quarterly.

DNS Relief Fellowship – 4630 Hwy. 7 East, P.O. Box 64611, Markham, ON, L3R 0M9
John Adams, 301-34 Swansea Rd. Unionville, ON, Canada, L3R 0W3 Tel. 905-948-9972.
Email: or .

DNS Relief Fellowship – Philip Kazen, 4611 – 109th Pl. NE, Marysville, WA, 98271-8355

Zambia Wells Report


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


In Chitokoloki, DNS is assisting in drilling wells for the Mission Hospital and helping in a water turbine project in the Zambezi River which will provide 24 hour a day electricity for all the Mission buildings. In March Ken Wagler, along with many others were able to drill 11 wells. In one of the sites the village had been waiting for 20 years for a well to be drilled. In June two more men from Canada will be leaving for Zambia to drill ever more wells. The well drilling unit is on a trailer. A new tractor to pull the trailer well-driller has been purchased and will be shipped via ACCTS (MSC Canada provided this tractor) to Zambia in a large container/trailer. DNS with the help of Erb transport was able to provide the large trailer which will be loaded from the MSC/ACCTS warehouse.