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Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


The Haiti update [Haiti Tab] also includes updates from the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Honduras [2012]

by Alfred Adams – Tampa, FL


Obviously a brief little report like this is not able to convey the very depth and moving aspect of the things that I will now describe. Perhaps, it will cause the reader to just take a moment to thank the Lord for your past, present and even what yet might occur in your life.


I was only off the plane about 45 minutes and Noe [Noah] Suazo who is and was the mastermind of Proyecto Betesda in Honduras drove off the main highway and down a dirty, narrow, muddy lane. We pulled up in front of a green house. A young boy called Joan [Pronounced Yo-Han] came to the iron gate and said in Spanish: “Hi Don Noe!” But when he looked at me he said in perfect English: “Hi Sir!”. This 11 year old speaks English so perfectly that it is amazing. He doesn’t even have a Spanish accent.


This home left me lying awake every night and I can honestly say I woke in the middle of the night two nights in a row as I lay thinking about what I had seen. Joan’s mother’s name is Lydia and his father’s name is Erick.


Erick was a very active evangelist and a man whose whole life was dedicated to the things of his fellowship and the Lord’s business. Lydia, is a woman who supported her husband in every spiritual endeavor that he took on. But three years ago they had a serious accident in their car. Erick is now a quadriplegic.


Lydia led us into the bedroom. Erick was lying on a hospital bed that was sent down from here. The room was hot. There was a shelf high up on the wall above the foot of his bed. There was a little TV on it. The room was somewhat dark but there was an open window right next to his bed. Several small trucks drove only a couple of feet away, making their deliveries. Erick was lying there with a huge smile on his olive colored face that was topped with jet black straight hair. We said our usual courtesies and introductions. Lydia left us with him.


Erick asked me several questions about my trip. He never once mentioned himself. Noe informed him of some of the events that had happened since his previous visit. I then decided to ask him about his past. He told me very little about himself but told me that he was told after a period of therapy that the doctor very coldly told him he would never improve. Erick said: “I realized quickly that I could either get bitter and angry or accept it from the Lord and be grateful.” I could hardly take it in. I don’t know much about this sort of injury but somehow I think that he might could have walked again if he were in our country. He said: “You know Al, I used to love singing and preaching the Gospel but the Lord has taken that from me for now.” I asked him if he had seen the video of the man without legs and arms but preaches all over the world? He said: “Yes I have seen the video and I admire him.”


I had brought an engine computer for them. Their 1997 Dodge Caravan had stopped and wouldn’t run. Lydia was told by the mechanic that there wasn’t one anywhere in Honduras and that she would have to get it from the States. When I gave it to her she hugged it as a child would a teddy bear. The only way she can transport Erick is in the van and it hadn’t been running for weeks. Erick never misses a service at the fellowship. Lydia literally carries him in and out of the car. He does have a wheelchair but getting in and out is hers to do. Unfortunately, we learned later the car also needs an electronic module. That too can only be acquired in the States. It already is on it’s way.


Noe left me in the room alone with Erick. I told him that perhaps his ministry now was to be at a higher level. I suggested to him that I had noticed that the only time angels move on behalf of believers in the New Testament was when people prayed. I asked him if he would be willing to take on a very tough project I had for him. He said he would. I gave him the task of praying for a situation that to me seems impossible and extremely painful because of sin. On my way we visited him again and he told me; “I have prayed about your project. Let me know because I will continue on it until there is resolution.”


Lydia came back in the room with Noe. She sat on the edge of the bed and with watery eyes told us about how after three years she recently [1 week previously] had told the Lord: “I can’t do it anymore.” You see Lydia has to go out into the street and sell clothing, underwear and shoes to feed the family. Joan goes to school and Erick lies all alone in the bed in the house. Please remember he cannot move his hands or legs. She can’t stand to think of him alone! HE IS TRAPPED IN HIS BODY! The night before she had told the Lord she can’t do it anymore was the day a young lady had walked by selling vegetables. Lydia was sweeping the front of her house. The young gal asked Lydia if she would like to buy? Lydia said: “No thank you.” The next day the young lady came by again but this time she wasn’t selling anything. She stopped and looked a Lydia and said: “You need me to help you.” Lydia asked her: “How do you know this?” The young lady said: “Because when I walked by yesterday I saw your face and realized that you were in need of someone.” They chatted and the young lady said that she would like to come and help or work for Lydia as a maid. Lydia told her that she could not pay her because she had no money. The girl said: “I don’t want any money. I just want a safe place where I can lie on the floor and sleep. I will help you with your housework and cook for you if I can sleep on the floor?” Lydia told us she went to Erick in the bedroom [this really impressed me] and asked him if he thought it would be alright to let her stay in the house with them. He said: “She needs a place to sleep. Let her stay.” The girl then said: “There is something else though I have to tell you. I have a two year old daughter that would have to come and stay with me.” Lydia said: “I will need to check with my husband and see what he says.” Erick said: “Bring the child too.” Lydia now feels freer to go and sell clothes on the street as she knows that someone is in the house looking after Erick. The story of the girl is fascinating but I won’t take the ink or paper to record it here. But the Lord has brought a believer to a believer. The little child sings choruses and is learning verses of the Scripture. Lydia is teaching the mother the value of discipline. What a blessing! Lydia said: “Isn’t it amazing that the night I told the Lord I couldn’t do this anymore the girl came by selling vegetables? Isn’t it amazing the day the girl was desperate for a place to sleep with her child God gave her the insight to say something to me? God is amazing!”


The young lady is extremely polite, attends a local church and is very excited about having a mother-figure in her life. Her husband ran-off and left her. Her parents told her to get out of the house when she came home out of need. Her grandparents allowed her to stay with them but they were very mean and rough with the child so she in desperation left for the streets.


When I was alone with Erick he told me something that left me feeling like someone had kicked me in the chest. He said: “You know brother what really hurts me more than anything is that when the accident happened the brethren acted like I wasn’t even a part of their fellowship.” I asked him if they come to visit him? He said: “No brother no one comes.” Later I asked Noe if the assemblies in the area help them financially and he said: “Alfredo I am embarrassed to say this but none of them have helped.” Proyecto Betesda has.


Here is a country where I realize there is much poverty. I just didn’t want to believe what I was hearing. Then I thought of something that had just happened in my own circle of friends. It isn’t just in Honduras. I don’t need to remind any reader what the Lord’s half brother said. But it has something to do with faith without works is as good as being dead.


If some are dead, I am happy to say that Mr. Noe is anything but dead and neither are the brethren of the committee which oversees the works of Proyecto Betesda. They have taken on this couple as a project. They are fully aware that this is a long-term need but they will have help from folks like us. So I pass on this story to assure you that just as on other occasions folks or fellowships in this country are most definitely a blessing to others of “whom this world is not worthy.”


There is another great story of another car accident that has turned death into a prison ministry. But I will refrain and pass it on perhaps in the days to come.


It gives me tremendous satisfaction to inform you we were able to leave $20,000.00 with Proyecto Betesda to help with: 1. School that teaches women how to sew and develop a career, 2. Support a prison ministry, 3. Re-roof chapels, 4. Build new chapels and 5. Help Lydia and Erick. The gratifying thing about all these works is to see that all of the above mentioned items are being done by natives! So “helping natives help natives” is something the Lord does with 100% of the funds we receive. Thank you for your confidence in us.


If any of this keeps you awake because you aren’t trapped in your body ….


Remember Erick!!!

Remember Lydia as she sells in the streets

Remember the young lady who serves all day

Remember the little child who is now in a loving atmosphere

Remember Joan {Yohan} a boy whose father can’t walk, run, throw a ball.


[One of the brethren who lives 1 hour away is trying to take Joan places. He has been a A+++ student but has suffered from depression. He told his teacher at school that his grades were dropping because it was about his father. So please remember this 11 year old boy in your chats with the Father.]


Zambia Wells Report


Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


In Chitokoloki, DNS is assisting in drilling wells for the Mission Hospital and helping in a water turbine project in the Zambezi River which will provide 24 hour a day electricity for all the Mission buildings. In March Ken Wagler, along with many others were able to drill 11 wells. In one of the sites the village had been waiting for 20 years for a well to be drilled. In June two more men from Canada will be leaving for Zambia to drill ever more wells. The well drilling unit is on a trailer. A new tractor to pull the trailer well-driller has been purchased and will be shipped via ACCTS (MSC Canada provided this tractor) to Zambia in a large container/trailer. DNS with the help of Erb transport was able to provide the large trailer which will be loaded from the MSC/ACCTS warehouse.

Haiti Report [2012]



Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13


The following is a report from Al Adams of Tampa Bay, FL January 26, 2012

There are two items that involve many hours of time and commitment as it relates to this country.

The first had to do with a team of men from the UK who wanted to visit Haiti. We were able to coordinate a meeting for them with different folk that are working in Haiti. I was pleased that we were able to pull it off as coordinating for folk that you have never met and don’t know can be difficult. I am sure it wasn’t all they expected but it was the best we could do remotely. The fellow who travels to Haiti from the capital in the Dominican Republic [up to three times a week] was able to meet them. [Joshua.]

The second item I have great hope for as it relates to the future. It didn’t even take place in Haiti. A brother from N. Miami Beach [Richard Heron] has been making trips to Haiti almost as long as I have. He has a strong connection to Port au Prince. He has known a brother [Harris] for many years who was commended from Jamaica to Haiti by two different fellowships in Kingston decades ago. Brother Heron called me when he heard of some of the works that were being done by the Dominican brethren after the earthquake. He is a delightful brother who has good insight and a head full of discernment.

A younger man called Fritz Junior Shirley who was mentored by the brother [Harris] who went to Haiti from Jamaica and also brother Heron, recently was brought to Florida by his family. Junior [as he likes to be called/I like Fritz better] is in his late 30’s and from Port au Prince. We were able to meet with him for over 2 hours in Ft. Myers, FL. Junior was very careful about accepting us. I liked that! He struck me as a young man who is all about his work for the Lord and not about having his hand out looking for money. He wanted to see our “Statement of Faith”. He simply wasn’t going to just accept us blindly. This was so refreshing to me. With over 10,000 NGO’s [Organizations] in Haiti doing humanitarian work there are plenty of Haitians who have learned who to play for personal gain.

Junior teaches/administers a Bible school about 3 hours out of Port au Prince. He was most interested when I told him that we could perhaps get him some French Bible commentaries from Canada. He has now written me several times and reminded me that it would be great if I could get some books there for a February graduation. He told me the students would love to have a book to take with them. These now are on their way and we hope that Joshua from the Dominican Republic will be able to get them to him.

Our great hope for Junior is that we will finally get a series of assemblies established in the Port au Prince area with the help of both Haitian and Dominican brethren. Junior made it a point to tell us that it has taken him over five years to get the folk in his fellowship to not call him “pastor”. He said I have told them: “I am no different than you just call me brother.” In a society where “tribal mentality” is viewed as almost sacred one has to admire his tenacity and success in this area.

The Dominican brethren are very excited about this new contact and want to help him become more financially independent. Junior lives very humbly but didn’t once ask us for a cent nor has he asked the Dominican brethren. The Dominican Republic is a literal supply house [secularly] for Haiti in many different areas. It is their intention to set Junior up with a supply of auto parts so that he can sell them in Port au Prince and become a “tent-maker” in the biblical sense an improve not his own situation but those of others there.

There are other areas in Haiti where we have been able through the Dominican and Haitian brethren to help. Wells have been dug, church buildings restored and believer’s homes either built or re-built.

With friends in the U.S. DNS built and is now helping to maintain a medical clinic in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Recently a new roof was added to a multipurpose building which will be used for the local assembly and for the school. A welder was imported for the structural work. A cement floor is planned along with suitable shutters for the windows.

There are five different addresses where one can send financial help if they so wish.

CMML – PO Box 13 , Spring Lake , NJ 07762-0013

DNS Relief for USA – 4611 109th Place NE Marysville , WA 98271-8355
DNS Relief for Canada – 301 – 34 Swansea Road Unionville , ON L3R 0W3
MSC Canada – 101 Amber Street, Unit 16, Markham , Ontario , Canada , L3R 3B2
56th Street Gospel Chapel Inc., 3902 Corporex Park Drive, Suite 650, Tampa, FL 33619

Haiti Report [2016]

Haiti Tone


Haiti Report 2016

August 19, 2016

Hi Everyone

I would like to ask for yours and your congregations Prayers this Sunday while you are attending Church.
There is a situation I will now describe to you that may sound crazy but is just reality when fighting the devil in Haiti.

The picture below is of Enoc and his Dad Leonce, Enoc is the young man we are sending to Seminary in Port au Prince.
His Father Leonce is a 75 year old Pastor and one of the most Godly men I have met in Haiti.

The mountain community where they are living is where we restored the water and have started a feeding program.
It is also an area where the people are heavily involved in voodoo which is the reason Leonce planted his Church.

One of Enocs brothers John Baptist has been influenced by some of the witch doctors in the community.

About 2 months ago he was indwelt with a bad spirit while attending a voodoo ceremony, I know this sounds crazy.

2 weeks ago while attending his Fathers church the bad spirit entered him again causing a big commotion during the service.

Leonce and some other elderly leaders tried to contain John Baptist but he was just too strong, he bolted out of church and ran off.

Just this Wednesday Enoc was called by his Dad to please come up to the house as John Baptist was possessed again.
When Enoc arrived Thursday John had calmed down so he started to talk with him about Jesus.
As soon as the word Jesus was mentioned the demon entered John again, John grabbed Enoc and lifted him up over his head to throw him to the ground.

Enoc yelled “In the name of Jesus put me down” He said it twice and John put him down.
Then the demon started to talk with Enoc saying that the church will soon be a voodoo temple.

Enocs elderly Mom and Dad saw the commotion and came running out and all three of them began yelling to John ” In the name of Jesus we rebuke you” over and over.

The demon then made John climb up a very high Avocado tree, he went right to the top.
They were afraid he was going to fall so they called to him ” In the name of Jesus come down.
About 30 minutes later he came down and was very angry so Enoc,his Mom and Dad again continued to try to cast out the demon.

Now here is where it gets weird if it isn’t already

While they were trying to cast out the demons about 15 witch doctors appeared from other areas and began to sing voodoo songs.
As they were singing another 40 voodoo practitioners showed up and joined in the singing.

Then Enoc told me he saw another 30 plus people coming down the hill to join them.
The witch doctors and the other voodoo worshipers encircled Enoc and his family.

While they were all chanting and singing voodoo songs two men moved forward out of the circle and approached Enoc and his family.
They had cigars in their mouths and blew smoke in Enocs face, Enoc then knocked one of the cigars out from one of the mans mouth.

The two men then moved back and rejoined the circle while Enocs Mom became afraid started to cry.
Then John Baptist who was inside the circle with his family took off and went to a tomb where they hold voodoo ceremonies.

Enoc was yelling at the wackos telling them to repent and come to Jesus.
He saw his Mom crying so he broke through the crowd and went back to their house.

Now let me tell you, Enoc called me while the people were encircled around them asking for Prayer and I could hardly hear him for the chanting.

So now enough is enough, the gloves are off!!!!
This Sunday myself, Enoc and 2 other solid Brothers are going up to see John Baptist.
We are going to lay hands on him and see if we can cast the demon or demons out, they are generally a legion.
Now I have witnessed this a couple times here in Haiti but I have never participated in anything like this.
Brother and Sisters I am asking for your Prayers this Sunday as we proclaim the name of Jesus to John Baptist.
“Greater is he that is in me than in the world”.

I just hope Enocs Brother doesn’t try to bench press me.

Lord Bless


August 22, 2016

Message #1

Brothers and Sisters

All I can say is TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!! Today our Prayers were answered.

I can hardly type this email as the tears are running down my face, Thank you Thank you so much for your Prayers!!!!

I never never never want to go through this again but our GOD is so strong and today he showed us all including the demons who is boss.

One of the guys that went up with us video taped some of what happened, I will try to load it on something somehow.

I have been to voodoo ceremonies and witnessed demons entering their hosts but I have never been sitting beside the person when they are indwelt.

First let me tell you that the devil had told John Baptist we were coming today, nobody had told him..

Even though he knew we were coming GOD did not let him leave.

Now John and I know each other and we like each other so I was not intimidated to go see him.

When we arrived he was sitting at his Dads house and I smiled and went over to shake his hand.

He smiled back and we hugged, then I went to the church with the other guys that came with me.

We gathered in a circle of Prayer and cried out to GOD to give us strength and if it is HIS will have John be delivered today.

While we were in the church John told his Mom that he was not going to enter the church.

So I got Enoc his Brother and we went outside to talk with John.

I stood beside him and put my arms around his shoulders and asked if I could talk with him inside the church.

He calmly started to walk with me and Enoc towards the church

Once inside we sat down beside each other and I began to tell him how I use to curse Jesus and wanted nothing to do with him.

Then one day HE entered my heart when I asked him in and that is what HE wants you to do John Baptist because HE loves you so much.

Now I had my arm around him the whole time and all of a sudden I felt something kind of jolt him, his arm flew up

His whole demeanor changed and his face went from calm to extreme anger.

Enoc told me to be careful, it is not John Baptist anymore.

I continued to sit beside him with my arm around his shoulders telling him that JESUS loves him.

We started to sing and he just got worse, both arms shaking he jumped up and attacked one of the guys.

We tried to hold him down but he was just too strong, by now there was about 30 people in the church.

He tried to run out of the church but I jumped in front of him and he stopped and sat down.

We began to rebuke the spirits and they did not like it one bit, he had 7 on him today.

As I had my hand on his shoulder declaring the name of Jesus he tried to bite me.

As we were rebuking them he attacked another guy but we tackled him and again got him to sit down.

This time I knelt down in front of him as everyone in the church was Praying, my eyes met his and I can honestly tell you I felt and saw the evil.

Then he jumped up and ran outside, we could,nt hold him.

A few of us wrestled with him and got him to sit on a wall outside, to this point it had been 1 1/2 hours.

While he was sitting on the wall I continued to be with him telling the demons to get out in the name of Jesus.

I called his name John Baptist and in perfect English the demons said ” We are not John Baptist we are the devil”

About 1 hour later the demons finally left him and we were able to talk to John Baptist.

He asked Christ into his life and then burnt all his voodoo paraphernalia.

There were two witch doctors there watching the whole thing, they had no power to do anything.

We were able to witness to them and some other people from around the area.

We give all the glory to HIM!!!!!!!!!

Again Thanks so much and please keep John Baptist in your Prayers.

I just talked with him and he sounded like a new creation, I asked him to come see me next week.

Lord Bless



Message # 2

Mornin Brothers and Sisters

More news from the mountains:

As I told you yesterday there were 2 witch doctors watching as we proclaimed the name of Jesus to the legion of demons.

The witch doctors were also part of the crowd that had encircled Enoc and his family the previous Thursday.

We come to find out that they told the crowd while we were Praying that if our God could not rid John Baptist of the spirits then there was no reason for us to be coming into the mountains preaching about something that has no power.

Now after John had ran out of the church we were able to get him to sit on a stone wall outside.

We were singing hymns to him and then the demons started to sing their voodoo songs in retaliation.

The 2 witch doctors were overheard saying : “Let us sing together with our spirits”

When they tried to sing along with John Baptist their mouths were closed and they could not sing.

What an awesome God we serve.

I just called John Baptist and he is on his way down the mountain to come see me.

In HIM and HIM alone

Lord Bless




Haiti Report [2010]



Distributing to the Necessity of Saints
Romans 12:13

REGARDING HAITI RELIEF from Al Adams, Tampa Bay, Florida, USA




Our last trip into Haiti and the Dominican Republic was for three purposes.

1. Have a meeting with the committee of leading brethren as to what the on-going plan of action will be for the near future as it relates to the Haiti earthquake relief in Port au Prince and surrounding area. Review and visit the progress in the north east corner of Haiti as to the assembly, school and clinic in the city of Ouanaminthe.

2. Visit in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, two assembly fellowships where help for current building or future construction is either on-going or necessary.

3. Have long and extensive sessions with one of the senior leaders of Cuba.

The brethren who have assumed the direction of the relief effort are both motivated and frustrated. There are essentially two approaches that they can act on. One approach is to spend funds, deliver relief and not have any specific goal or group in mind. Simply bring immediate humanitarian aid to the needy and have no long-term expectations as to establishing church fellowships. The other option is to hold back on immediate relief and carefully deliver goods to both places and people who will ultimately compose a fellowship with long-term effects. The frustration of these two approaches grows weekly due to governmental restrictions in Haiti itself. The “open border” crossing that existed immediately after the earthquake and during our last trip is no more. The delays at the border are much greater but in addition every item taken into Haiti now has to be listed on a waybill of sorts and fully declared. The charging of up to 20% duties is now also a reality. Therefore, the sacrifice involved in getting the supplies to the needy locations has now become more difficult. The medical teams that would cross over on a Friday and work Saturday, Sunday and come home are now losing a significant amount of time and are simply not efficient. These are busy people like ourselves and time is valuable. The cost of the trips is significant. A bus has to be rented,food and accommodations are also needed. The reduced time available for the doctors, nurses and others involved is now causing the brethren to reassess their effectiveness. Much wisdom is needed as some who are not as busy and do not have business practices and medical duties don’t always understand these issues.

One of the fellowships where Dr. Edison Marmol is an elder is not only in the middle of a building program but also has a neighborhood outreach that is having a significant effect in the neighborhood. During the first week of July they had 250 children attending a daily vacation Bible school and during the same week almost 150 young people attended evening sessions.These responsibilities along with their daily practice duties make it difficult for some of these outstanding brethren to make the long arduous trips to Haiti. Yet they do it! I should point out that the above paragraph only represents one brother. I am certain that I could write about several other brethren and sisters who are so involved in Gospel work, that they too want every dollar and minute to count as it relates to the needs of Haiti. As we all know, it isn’t just money that is valuable.

There are some brethren in Santo Domingo who want to continue tangible humanitarian relief to Haiti. The decision therefore has been made to take a two-fold approach to the relief and Gospel effort as it relates to the earthquake zone.

1. Several brethren in Santo Domingo [some are Haitian] will continue to take tents [small ones] tarps, food and medicine into the earthquake area with or without medical teams. They will also continue to help and supply the triage unit in Port au Prince with the above items. [Duties will have to be paid.] How long this will be able to be done will of course be determined by volunteers, acquisition of supplies and ability to cross the border safely.

2. Teams of Haitian elders from 9 different assemblies in the southeastern corner of the Dominican Republic will be going in for extended periods of time to work. First they will work amongst their relatives who are unsaved and then build testimonies in the earthquake area through both relief and preaching. These are men who have solid testimonies and have been leaders in their fellowships for quite sometime. They have the respect of their Dominican counterpart brethren and of course culturally are the most capable and ready to make the contacts.

When they were asked if they would consider such a challenge they without hesitation volunteered to go in for 6 month stints. It was suggested that initially they should consider shorter excursions into Haiti. These are men who have families and personal needs. The decision of the Dominican brethren is to meet their needs while they are in Haiti.

The desire of us all is that these Haitian brethren who have contacts, families and friends that still live in Haiti, will be able to start fellowships in Port au Prince and the surrounding areas. They will be moving into areas where there is an altered-Gospel, Voodoo and just plain enemy territory. It goes without saying that our communication with the Father of Lights is essential.

There are some discoveries that are disconcerting and much care and wisdom is required. We want to be careful in our comments so as to not accuse or misrepresent what many others are doing. The triage unit is within the boundaries of the police protected areas. We are very grateful for this as it affords security for those working there. However, it also does open possibilities for change. Therefore, it is important that the triage unit be maintained meticulously impartial and non-political. The control of those who come for aid is therefore controlled. It is not our desire to spend funds on premises [tents/bldgs] or aid that will be either lost or used for reasons that are in any way questionable and therefore the wisdom of a Solomon is needed.

As we have seen in almost every country of the world, aid can be abused and misused. There is no doubt that Haiti is just like the rest of humanity. The brethren have discovered that in certain areas aid is now being used for the purpose of acquiring duties and custom charges. It is also being used for the purpose of providing for favored people not necessarily those who are most needy. As we have previously stated, humanitarian aid is no longer looked upon favourably by many Haitian businessmen. [As is obvious, why would you pay for something or go to a doctor who would require you to pay when you can get it all free?] The brother [Joshua] who goes to Port au Prince three times a week, stated very clearly to us that many of the large organizations and foreign governments have left. There is a sense of frustration because of the lack of organization and structure. Many groups wisely have moved into the rural areas where needs are still very real. However, even in these rural areas there is always the danger of having the operation either confiscated or removed by local bodies. As in all parts of the world, the people are the ones who suffer. Our hope is that with the Haitian brethren from a very poor area themselves they will be able to not only give direction but identify those with need and provide the message of Good News.

OUANAMINTHE / N.E. Corner of Haiti
Well over a decade ago in conjunction with the Dominican and Haitian elders from Santo Domingo a work to; teach orphans, organize a clinic, and establish fellowships was started. This work was originated by a brother called Joseph Clervil. Joseph has several sons but one in particular who is called Jhonny [No, that is not misspelled] has taken a lead role in the assembly in Ouanaminthe. Jhonny is 25 years old. He is incredibly smart, articulate, has leadership qualities. However he has become arrogant beyond any sense of normal. The assembly met for the Lord’s supper, the Lord’s Day morning we arrived. There were over 200 present. The service was very orderly and while those of us who couldn’t speak Creole didn’t understand, it was a privilege for us from Cuba and the USA to give a word as to the Lord’s goodness through translation from Spanish to Creole.

After the Lord’s Supper a meeting was held under the famous mango tree. What started off as an informative meeting quickly turned into an accusatory session by Jhonny. We will not deal with the details but will quote the brother from Cuba to you. “I have never seen such arrogance in a young brother like this in Cuba. He seems to be all about me, me and me.” There was no doubt on the part of the 6 visiting brethren who were present [all being men in leadership roles in their assemblies] that Jhonny while talented is very much lacking in maturity, moderation and humility. Sad to say, his father who is a delightful brother has not and did not command his son’s respect and attention. While this is very discouraging the work there is not. The purpose of this information is to make mention that Jhonny was told to submit himself to the leadership of his own brethren as well as those who oversee the work. He stated plainly he would not. He indicated that he would make use of Haitian law if necessary. The meeting was dispersed with the warning that we would wait and see what the Lord did in his life during the next 45 days. [That timeframe will end August 10th] Please pray that the Lord would work in his heart. That he will be of a contrite and humble mind and that the work of the Lord will not be damaged after so much sacrifice by so many. Erasmus, who has given much of his life to that work is heart-broken by these events. That very day, however, he planned his next 5+ hour [each way] trip, to bewithin 2 weeks. He is a man in his 70s and doggedly humble.

There are many needs amongst the believers in this land. However, there are three specific items that will be addressed briefly.

1. Completion of a chapel building where Dr. Edison Marmol [mentioned above] attends. The brethren at this location have bought a property by saving as a fellowship for years. The building is now 3/4 done but the vision of their leadership is incredible. One of their own said: “We know that in time we will own the building next door and we will be feeding 200 poor children here every day for at least one good meal. It won’t be long either.” He said with a smile.

2. A Haitian fellowship in Santo Domingo has now grown to over 100 and meets in a building that can only be reached by walking [200 feet] through a narrow passage way [6 feet wide] with homes on either side. There is no street access. It is an extremely poor neighborhood. The fellowship currently rents a building located not far from the chapel building to feed children, teach young mothers how to look after their babies and provide lunch for some of the children in the neighborhood. Their own chapel premises are desperately small and in poor repair. Their goal and vision is to make the old chapel another place for children to come and their mothers taught. They also would get a meal. A new premises for the chapel would enable them to grow as they are buried in the neighborhood .

3. Drill wells in the south western part of the Dominican Republic where there are nine Haitian fellowships. This area is known as Barahona. This project is going to take a little time as we need to form a team, then train the team on how to operate the equipment. Joshua [mentioned above] has some experience in forming a cooperative once a well is drilled. It becomes a self-sustaining project as each person in the community pays a very small amount of money for using the well. The funds are managed by the elders of the community and are kept for pump replacement and any repairs of the piping or valves. Typically, the piping runs into the small communities with valves that provide water for 6-10 houses.The current project underway amongst these fellowships is replacing the roofs at the nine buildings and repairing walls where necessary.

One of the reasons for having a senior brother come from Cuba to the Dominican Republic was to introduce the Dominican brethren to the needs of Cuban assemblies. The Dominican Republic has some very able Bible teachers and their gift would be a tremendous asset to Cuba. There were several sessions where the brother from Cuba was able to present the growth, the need of teaching and perhaps even the sending of a missionary couple from the Dominican Republic to Cuba. [This would be legally possible as the Cuban government grants visas to certain countries for a limited period of time. {6 months}] Another reason for the brother’s visit was extensive discussions as to a problem in Cuba which is damaging the work in a specific area. Much prayer and wisdom on the part of many is required. These are issues that require humility on the part of believers who are in leadership and immense changes in the lives of those who have gone astray. The issues are NOT political. They are spiritual. A tragedy of proportions morally and ethically from a older, former expositor of Scripture. Young men who were tutored by this person are now dealing with him and his family as the sinners. This is extremely difficult for these younger men [Now in their 40s and not young yet they see themselves as such.] as is is a localized item that requires those who were once the students to now be the leaders, men of biblical backbone and integrity.

The needs of many are possible! The vision of some is phenomenal! The problems are similar to those found in the New Testament. The Lord said: “The gates of Hell will NOT prevail.” We apologize for this lengthy bulletin but trust that it will give you the reader a new list of items that you can participate in when you converse with your Father.

Al Adams Tampa, FL

Please pray for much wisdom as funds are transferred to the committee of responsible elders in Santo Domingo. Thank you for your interest in Haiti. We will have further reports as the work progresses, the help continues, and church fellowships are established. Please don’t interpret any of the below as a solicitation. It is simply there to provide information and eliminate further correspondence. There are five different addresses where one can send financial help if they so wish.

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